Ethereum has been performing surprisingly well in 2020, having nearly tripled in value since earlier this year. One of the biggest factors that led to these positive market conditions is the DeFi hype, which Ethereum is leading at the moment of this writing. Another factor is the upcoming ETH 2.0 upgrade, which has been awaited for a long time. Finally, decentralized apps are also increasing in popularity amongst software developers.

But where are we going from here? In this article, we explore all the roadblocks ahead and try to give a realistic Ethereum price prediction. As with any altcoin price prediction, our forecast is speculative. However, we do believe that the coin’s price action will follow its historical patterns and reach new highs.

Ethereum’s past year performance

Before we delve into past expert forecasts and the times ahead of us, it’s best to take a look at the current Ethereum chart and see what information we can derive from it.

Ethereum price prediction 2021

When looking at Ethereum’s performance over the past year, we can derive several conclusions:

  • Earlier in the year, ETH experienced a sharp recovery which was enjoyed for only a brief amount of time.
  • In March of the same year, COVID-19 is officially labeled as an epidemic, and lockdowns start to occur. This crashes Ethereum’s price by more than 60% in less than one week.
  • Over the next few months, ETH recovers swiftly and its performance peaks in the summer months, with the popularity of DeFi remind us of the prior ICO craze of 2017. Another reason for this sudden recovery is the increased media attention of cryptocurrencies thanks to the Bitcoin Halving that occurred on the 12th of May.
  • We have been hovering above and below the $400 area for a few months now. As investors are awaiting the ETH 2.0 upgrade, popular social media platforms are starting to, once again, become vocal on their predictions.

Our Ethereum price prediction for 2021 and beyond

For 2021, we expect Ethereum to continue climbing to eventually reach its prior all-time high. While there are many strong support levels that the cryptocurrency will need to break through, Ethereum has never been more relevant and popular as it is today. While the DeFi hype is slowly starting to fade, we expect the Ethereum devs to finally unleash their upgrade, which will allow all investors to start earning staking interest if they hold 32 ETH or more.

While future Ethereum price predictions can never be certain, we are very confident that Ethereum will reach $2000 within 2021.

Ethereum price prediction 2025

Before we proceed to our experts, let’s briefly touch upon our long-term prediction. Ethereum has successfully decentralized the way users build and experience dApps. While the technology is still in its infancy, we are already seeing a massive trend in the “digitalization” of things. NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens, are the best example. Modern art can be virtual and still fully authentic. The same goes for virtual real estate. Several Ethereum-built projects like Decentraland and Sandbox are creating whole worlds of digital real estate and selling them to futurist and tech-savvy investors.

If this trend is to continue it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see a $5000 ETH before 2025. That, of course, entails that the popular cryptocurrency reaches its previous peak within 2021.

Ethereum price prediction 2030 – Can we guess?

Guessing and making Ethereum speculation for so many years in the future is rather difficult. Technology evolves all the time and it’s really unpredictable. Assuming that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, we could potentially see less volatility and steady growth. If Ethereum is still relevant by 2030, its value should be hovering between $5000 and $15000.

Ethereum price predictions for 2017 and how they played out

Ethereum was hovering around $8 a coin on January 1st, 2017. While it has only been three years since that time, the popular cryptocurrency has managed to grow massively peaking at $1416. At the time of this writing, the coin is valued at less than $400 and there is a lot of Ethereum speculation.

That being said, we are still early in the growth curve and future potential of Ethereum. This literally makes it a great time to buy!

As the year is coming to a close, many people, including respected experts, are starting to make Ethereum projections, each on their own accord. In the following paragraphs, we take a look at past “expert” predictions of 2017 and how they played out.

Peter Zivkovksi, Whaleclub

Following the Summer 2016 fork of Ethereum, Peter Zivkovksi said that Ethereum was entering a period of great uncertainty. He said that the market was “‘tired’ of massive swings” and that he expected volatility to be “subdued.”

His predictions on Ethereum’s price turned out to be a bit off the mark! More massive swings than ever were to come in 2017 for Ethereum and the whole Bitcoin market, as speculative appetite was just beginning.

Vinny Lingham, Entrepreneur

Lingham, the founder of the blockchain wallet company Civic, expected volatility when talking to Coindesk in 2016, but did not make an explicit ETH price prediction. “A non-material amount of Ether holders will swap ETH for BTC, driving up BTC prices temporarily and causing a flash crash in ETH.”

Lingham viewed Ethereum as a speculative substitute for Bitcoin, something investors would cling to when Bitcoin was too pricey or too volatile. This is an interesting take for someone that is building a blockchain wallet company, who normally would evaluate the objective usability of the coin. However, it became impossible to ignore that this was indeed the case for much of 2017.

Jacob Eliosoft, Algorithmic Trader

Jacob Eliosoft, an accomplished crypto trader, spoke about the difficulties surrounding Ethereum because of the DAO hack. However, he was bold enough to make some predictions when he spoke with Coindesk

“Assuming no major bugs, I would expect the ETH price to resume its upward trend since the start of the year, at least as long as developers and entrepreneurs maintain their fast progress,”

Eliosoft was right that it would resume its upward trend, but his Ethereum price prediction was more about the previous direction of the coin. As the saying goes, generals are always fighting the last war. In 2017, Ethereum would rise with other currencies on massive, institutional speculation.

Ethereum predictions 2019 – The recovery season

At the beginning of January 2019, Ethereum hovered around $120 per coin. The year that followed would be a challenging one for the coin, as it struggled to regain the highs of 2017, after falling consistently for most of 2018. By the end of the year, the price had barely moved, and was slightly down, after reaching a summer high of around $300 a coin.

Almost every Ethereum prediction in 2019 saw the popular cryptocurrency increasing in value. After all, the long-lasting bear market crushed Ether down to a mere $50 per coin, more than 95% of its initial value. Let’s look at what the experts thought in 2018 about where Ethereum was headed over the next year.

Craig Cobb,

By the end of 2019, cobb expected that the price of Ethereum would go up to $240 a coin. This would be roughly double what it began the year at, and of course, turned out to be incorrect. Fortunately for Cobb, he was on the low end of predictions, in comparison to many other crypto experts. 

Bobby Ullery, Waysay

Ullery saw the price of Ether goes up to $11,375 a coin by the end of 2019. This was one of the more optimistic projections and was based on the Waysay CEO’s estimation that the market cap for Ethereum would be somewhere around $1.1 trillion dollar market cap. Unfortunately for the Ethereum investor, this hasn’t happened quite yet.

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit shared his Ethereum price forecast (2019) with

“I’m most bullish about Ethereum simply because people are actually building on it. It’s still early days, but you know, we’ve got a few CryptoKitties. It’s easy to laugh at, but I think the first version of so many things looks like a toy and often has something to do with cats. It’s because the Internet loves cats. At the end of the year, Ethereum will be at $1,500. Great, now people can call me out if I’m wrong.”

Unfortunately, we are going to have to call Alexis out, as the price didn’t even break $500 for the year. And at the moment of this writing, we are even struggling to find support above the $400 levels

Ethereum price predictions 2020 – Did ETH make a comeback?

No Ethereum price projection in 2020 should be labeled as right or wrong. After all, we have more than two months to go. Can we still reach the ATH? What do experts think? In the following sections, we will list the most realistic Ethereum price predictions for 2020, by industry leaders.

Tom Lee, Fundstrat Global Advisors

Tom Lee is the legendary crypto bull and founder of Fundstrat Global Investors. He predicts that the Ethereum price in 2020 will rise sharply. It’s his belief that the price of Ethereum will rise above $1200 in the next twelve months. That would be great for crypto investors of all backgrounds!

Ian McLeod, Thomas Crown Art

Ian McLeod, part of the art firm Thomas Crown Art that seeks to unite the art and blockchain worlds, is also bullish on Ethereum. His Ethereum price projection for 2020 is $500. According to him, this level will be reached mainly due to an increased interest from retail investors who will move away from Bitcoin to benefit from Ethereum’s utility.

While this is a more modest Ethereum price forecast, we do believe that it’s possible to reach these levels until the end of the year.

Ethereum price prediction 2025 and beyond: Transformational or fizzle out?

While no one knows for sure, Ethereum’s adoption and use continue to drive its price. Jai Pratap at Coinnounce thinks that the price of Ethereum could go up to $5000 by 2030. He tends to share our opinion when it comes to Ethereum’s future potential.

Keep on eye on key factors like any future forks, upgrades, and, of course, the rate of public adoption as we enter the decentralized era. 

If these experts are close to being right about the timing of their Ethereum predictions, most of us will experience huge profits thanks to the popular cryptocurrency.

If you wish to learn more about Ethereum and its future price potential, check out the following video: