Do you remember when you first heard about crypto? For some, it’s been a few years already. For others, it’s more recent. Nonetheless, all of us, started out confused. Youtube creators seem to be affiliated with projects; TikTok is full of “moon” and “lambo” dreams.

This naturally raises a question: Where can I find reliable information to learn what I need to know?

To help you navigate the space in a more organized manner, we collected a number of must-read articles, which together form an essential crypto reading list. Use the content herein as the starting point of your research and make sure you also check our blog for additional articles.

How to navigate this crypto reading list

The list, which we intend to update regularly, contains several clusters of content, focused on a specific topic. For example, you will notice that there are separate categories for Bitcoin content and Ethereum content. Navigate those based on your preferences.

You will also see that we added a note on the difficulty of the article based on the experience level of the reader. Even if you are a total beginner, don’t feel intimidated to check articles that require more experience. We all discovered crypto by diving in deep waters and finding our way to swim through it all. Let’s get started.

Bitcoin reading list

Ask any Bitcoin maxi and he will tell you that, eventually, “all roads lead to Bitcoin”. It took me a while to understand this but, the more I learn about the crypto industry, the more I realize they’re right. This reading list should help you get a good understanding of Bitcoin, why it is considered to be the best cryptocurrency, and how the world is about to change thanks to its underlying technology.

Bitcoin whitepaper

Experience level – Beginner

The first piece of content ever written about Bitcoin was its official whitepaper. The author, Satoshi Nakamoto, shared the piece with a group of people in the Cypherpunk community, which is why the average investor might find the content a little technical. In just 9 pages, Satoshi outlines the basics of blockchain technology, digital scarcity, decentralization, and the financial system of Bitcoin. If you are or want to become a Bitcoin investor, this document should help you build conviction and a basic understanding of the most popular cryptocurrency.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Experience level – Beginner

If you only choose one article from this crypto reading list let it be this one. Vijay Boyapati takes a deep dive into the context of Bitcoin, explaining how scarcity is measured, why gold is less practical as a store of value, how the blockchain disrupts our modern world and where this revolution is headed. This article was later republished as a book and has since become one of the most shared Bitcoin articles in the space.

The Bitcoin Supercycle

Experience level – Intermediate

Dan Held is the Head of Growth at Kraken and an influential personality on Crypto Twitter. Back in 2019, he theorized that we might no longer see the typical 4-year cycles moving forward and that Bitcoin will follow a different trajectory as it continues to grow. This article is a must-read for every Bitcoin investor, especially those who might be confused with the direction of the bitcoin price. The theory of Dan has gotten a lot more coverage in recent times and many prominent figures in the crypto space back it up passionately as BTCs value continues to range for over a year.

The Last Word on Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

Experience level – Intermediate

One of the leading arguments against Bitcoin is its large energy footprint. How can the technology possibly survive when one Bitcoin transaction spends as much electricity as [enter jaw-dropping reference here]? Thankfully, the cofounder of Coin Metrics and partner at Castle Island Ventures – Nic Carter – argues that the opposite is actually true. Note that, after this opinion piece was written, El Salvador started mining Bitcoin using geothermal energy reserves. This further proves the point that BTC’s energy consumption can, in fact, come from otherwise wasted energy reserves.

Why Bitcoin Matters

Experience level – Beginner

A16Z founder Marc Andreesen wrote this article back in 2014 to help beginners understand the complexity of Bitcoin, its implications for the global economy, and its potential future. The article delves into the way bitcoin works using simple terminology that makes complex topics seem extremely simple. It is thus recommended reading material for all skeptics who are willing to finally look into the topic for the first time.

Ethereum reading list

Ethereum continues to grow in popularity as more companies decide to build Dapps upon its network. Check the following resources to learn more and understand where the ETH price is headed.

A beginner’s guide to Ethereum

Experience level – Beginner

Written by Linda Xie for the official blog of Coinbase, this resource is a must-read for all those interested in Ethereum. The article explains the basics of the network, how it is different from Bitcoin, and how the technology can be applied in many different subsectors on a global scale. list of resources

Experience level – Intermediate

Do you want to get a good understanding of Ethereum? The reading list of is a great resource for everyone who wants to delve into more technical information. You will find content about the basic functions of Ethereum, its consensus layer, book recommendations, L2s, smart contracts, and more.

5 ducking digits

Experience level – Advanced

Arthur Hayes is mostly known for his role as the founder and CEO of BitMEX exchange. Over the past few years, he has predicted several events that later occurred in the crypto markets and now takes the same approach for Ethereum. In this piece, you will get a good idea of the changes Ethereum will undergo after the much-awaited “merge”, why investors of all classes will find the token more attractive, and how the price of Ethereum will eventually end up at “5 ducking digits”.

Web3 reading list

No crypto reading list is complete without the revolutionary concept of Web3, a.k.a. community-owned internet. The concept might still be in its infancy, but getting ahead of a trend guarantees you’ll benefit from its growth.

A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Experience level – Beginner

This guide goes into the basics of DeFi, helping beginners understand the concept and its benefits. It explains common terminologies, how the technology works, and what we should expect from DeFi in the future.

Web3 for Dummies – A Guide on the Internet of the Future

Experience level – Beginner

This short post helps users understand the concept of Web3 by comparing it to previous versions of the internet. It also gives practical examples and defines use cases, while also dipping briefly into investment and career opportunities. Reading this article should help you to better organize your research in Web3.

Wtf is web3

Experience level – Intermediate

Cobie is best known for being one of the most popular personalities on Crypto Twitter, as well as for his role as a founding member of LIDO finance. In his occasional articles, he demonstrates his deep knowledge of complex topics by taking a bird’s eye view and looking at an issue in a broad context. In this article, he specifically discusses Web3. He briefly looks into the existing problems of Web2, where Web3 currently stands, and whether or not the shift to a decentralized economy is good for the world. The article is not meant to offer any investment advice but could help long-term investors further build their convictions.

Metaverse & NFT reading list

There are many conflicting resources with regards to the Metaverse and NFTs. In this section, we will offer an “introductory” type of content written by some of the best professionals in the space.

Into the Void

Experience level – Beginner

For most, Into the Void was the first long-form reading they did on the concept of the Metaverse. Written by young and exceptionally talented Piers Kicks, the article looks at the evolution of gaming and NFTs over time. The post also describes how new games will benefit most from a decentralized nature. As a partner at Delphi Digital, Kicks has come across multiple successful projects, making this article a gem for all those interested to learn about the basics of P2E, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

The Value Chain of The Open Metaverse

Experience level – Beginner

Many investors are still scratching their heads when it comes to understanding “the Metaverse”. While corporate giants are lining up to benefit from the trend in a centralized manner, Packy McCormick tries to illustrate the benefits of decentralized Metaverses. He delves into the basics of NFTs and play-to-earn games and summarized by pointing out the value that Metaverses bring to the world. Pay special attention to the chapter “The Open Versus Closed Metaverse”.

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Other useful resources

The following articles are recommended reading material for those who wish to dig deeper into “opinion” articles, new subsectors, and geopolitics. While we only linked to a handful of articles, these should offer a strong start to your research.

The Meaning of Decentralization

Experience level – Beginner

Vitalik Buterin is known for his hard-to-understand tweets. Yet, in this Medium post, he simplifies the meaning of a word we often hear around the crypto space – decentralization. In this 10-minute read, he uses diagrams, tables, and simplified explanations of how Decentralization works and why it is important. Finally, he proposes a set of recommendations to combat current challenges that act as an obstacle to a decentralized world.

Thoughts on Tokens

Experience level – Advanced

This article is a must-read for every long-term crypto investor. Written by Balaji Shrinivasan, a modern-day think tank, and ex-Coinbase CTO, this piece helps readers understand two important things. First, it explains what Tokens are, and how they work. Secondly, it explains the benefits of tokens in the modern economy (as seen in 2017). While the piece is a little old, its content is ever-green, and it’s good to remember that most information on tokens also applies to NFTs (since they too are a form of tokens).

And What Has the Blockchain Ever Done for Us?

Experience level – Intermediate

This article destroys the most common arguments of blockchain skeptics who most often look at its added value in the global economy. It goes on to explain that the blockchain is indeed a disruptive technology and has already done much for us; people simply need to start looking at the facts.

A beginner’s guide to DAOs

Experience level – BeginnerIn this article, Linda Xie simplifies the concept of DAOs, and what they could offer to the future of crowdsourcing. We recommend you also read NFTs and A Thousand True Fans which further delves into the concept of successful DAO applications. These two pieces should offer a basic overview of the concept, and help you understand its recent growth in popularity.

Yes, You May Need a Blockchain

Experience level – Intermediate

This article is definitely not the highest up in this crypto reading list but nonetheless an important resource for tech-savvy individuals. Balaji explains how most industries have a problem with data import/export, and how blockchain technology can provide viable solutions to tackle the issue and improve efficiency. It also briefly goes into the benefits of open-source technologies and the added value of decentralization.

DiamondPepes on Inflation

Experience level – Intermediate

There has been lots of content with regards to the inflation we have observed over the past year. This “tweetstorm” analyzes everything you need to know about the current state of things and wraps it all together to highlight the value of NFTs.

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