People from all walks of life are looking for ways to increase their exposure to crypto. Some choose to Dollar Cost Average, while others buy large amounts with their savings. Everyone knows that economic instability may lead to a situation where, even a small amount of crypto, can make a big difference.

Over the years, crypto incentives are also going mainstream. Companies and projects are trying to find creative ways to reward their users in order to build vibrant communities.

In this article, we talk about the best way to earn crypto, namely, contribution. This can take many different forms, some simpler than others. All in all, if you are willing to spend the time to learn and act upon the opportunities presented below, you will be able to earn at least $1000 per month in cryptocurrency.

Finding the best way to earn crypto

There are many different ways to earn cryptocurrency, but if you want to maximize the rewards, you will need to combine multiple of the options into one solid strategy. This is especially important for those that wish to use this guide to earn full-time income (e.g. individuals from third-world countries).

To start, it is important to work on yourself, in order to increase the amount of value you can produce. This can mean several things:

  • Learning skills that crypto projects can benefit from;
  • Becoming experienced in certain crypto games;
  • Implement small changes in your daily life that are rewarded;
  • And of course, learning more about crypto and remaining up to date.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the 5 best ways to earn crypto this year.

1. Community gig-based support

TL;DR: Leverage your skills to strengthen the community of a project and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

One of the largest bottlenecks in the crypto industry is hiring. While funds are ready to give millions of dollars to promising projects, it seems that there are only so many qualified professionals with experience that are available to hire. This is the main reason that crypto job listings saw enormous growth in 2021.

To combat this issue, many projects have formed a different business model. They hire only the key team members (e.g. senior employees, developers, Head of community) and outsource all other roles to people who are genuinely interested in the project. Some projects create a fund for such activities, others offer grants based on applications, but all of them are open to skills that can help with community growth.

Step ‘n Go hires community members for several roles

Some of the key roles include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Meme creators
  • Discord/Telegram moderators
  • Public relations
  • Content writers
  • Vloggers
  • And more…

How to find projects that need community support

This method is the best way to earn cryptocurrency only if you have a skill that can strengthen a crypto project. To get the attention you need, start by giving it away for free on the Discord channel of the project that interests you.

After a while, reach out to the core team and let them know about your skills. You might compare this outreach with a contractual-based job application. Send a document outlining your offer in simple terms, give some social proof based on prior work, add your CV, and wait for a response. If there is no reply, you can also try reaching out through the project’s official website (contact form).

If successful, you can start working on a particular gig and earn the project’s native cryptocurrency as a reward.

2. Community engagement rewards

TL;DR: Join Twitter and Discord channels of prominent projects, participate in the community, and get rewarded for your efforts.

Alethea AI rewards an active user with 5000 credits

Giveaways are a staple in the world of crypto. Early-stage projects know that users only engage when there’s something in it for them. Hence, when they want to grow their audience and stimulate engagement they need to offer something in return.

Community participation giveaways in the crypto space can take two forms:

  • Upfront rewards: These are your typical giveaways that are hosted on Twitter and Discord, requiring users to participate in quizzes, challenges, and other competitions. Rewards are usually smaller in size, larger in quantity, and are delivered faster to the user.
  • Retroactive rewards: These types of rewards were very popular in 2021, when many new P2E games, DEXs, and DeFi protocols were released. Projects invited users to participate in their projects (even with a minimum investment) in order to later split a pool of funds. Some projects gave users tens of thousands of dollars in return for their participation (AVAX, DYDX, UNI, etc.)

How to discover and participate in community rewards

Start by building a foundation of reliable information sources. Most new investors rely on Youtube, which is risky due to product affiliations. Try to find podcasts, influencers, and publications that share “Alpha” while maintaining a proven track record.

We are previously written on some of the best crypto influencers you can follow. Check the people that they follow as well, and try to create a foundation of reliable info.

Once that is done, try to see what projects they tend to talk about in their tweets, videos, and conversations. Some of them will likely be at an early stage. If so, make sure to join and track their social media channels.

Another trick that gives you an unfair advantage in retroactive rewards is to regularly read about crypto on Medium. Most early-stage projects will post updates with regards to their (Beta) launch, giving you the opportunity to be one of the earliest participants.


  • Su Zhu repeatedly tweeted about DYDX and AVAX before any airdrop was made;
  • Anthony Pompliano mentioned Alethea AI in his newsletter before their launch;
  • Popular crypto podcast Up Only talked about MINA before its ICO on Coinlist.

The earlier you discover good projects that are trying to build an engaging community, the higher your chances are to get rewarded for your time and effort.

3. Crypto learn and earn programs

TLDR: Complete educational tasks on selected platforms to earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

Educational tasks are still, by and large, one of the best ways to earn crypto in 2022. This method is best used by those who do not have a good command of English and don’t have any relevant skills to contribute to projects otherwise.

“Earn & Learn” is also not something you can do on a daily basis. Users benefit most by making monthly recurring visits to qualified platforms and completing new tasks if any.

Rewards for educational tasks used to be pretty high during the latest bear market ($50-$120 per quiz) but the amount has significantly dropped since. Currently, rewards vary between $2 and $10 per quiz, but there are usually multiple options available simultaneously.

Current value of rewarded tokens on Coinbase (as of March 10th, 2022)

The most popular platforms to offer such earning opportunities include:

Most platforms offering “Learn & Earn” services, do so in order to increase their number of Signups. Unless you create an account on the platform in question, you won’t be able to receive the rewards in your exchange wallet.

  • Coinbase – Create an account at Coinbase
  • Coinmarketcap – Create an account at Binance
  • Earnathon – Create an account at Earnathon

2. Brave Browser

TLDR: Use Brave browser when surfing the web and get paid when you are exposed to ads.

Brave Browser is an internet browser that pays you to use the web. Your attention is precious, and the company knows this, which is why they offer BAT tokens when you get exposed to ads of any type. The company has been around for 7 years and is considered a safe and more rewarding alternative to anyone using the internet.

Even if BAT rewards are only used to cover your monthly internet bill, the amount adds up to all the possible options you can benefit from. It might, therefore, not be the best way to earn crypto, but it sure is the best way to earn free crypto without any additional effort.

How to download and use Brave browser

The following video outlines the process you need to follow to download Brave on Windows 10. Depending on your operating system, the process might differ slightly.

5. Play to Earn games

TLDR: Playing your favorite P2E game can earn you around $10-$15 in cryptocurrency per day. In some cases, only 30 minutes of your time is needed, while in others, rewards may be much higher.

Play to Earn games, or blockchain-based games, saw a huge increase in popularity during 2021. With Web3 becoming more embedded in daily life, and the Metaverse looming ahead of us, games like Axie Infinity managed to amass millions of users.

Major gaming companies are now starting to implement NFTs and cryptocurrencies in their games in order to create economies that can help users get rewards for their efforts. The concept, in most cases, is somewhat similar.

  1. A user downloads the game on their desktop or mobile phone;
  2. They connect their wallet and purchase an NFT that enables them to start playing the game.
  3. The game pays the user in cryptocurrency depending on their performance in the game.

For many people, the acquisition of an NFT at the earliest stage can be very expensive. This is especially true for people from third-world countries. For this reason, there is also an option to rent the NFTs and give part of the profits to the original owner. More on this can be found when researching the game that interests you.

Check the most popular Play to Earn games in real-time by clicking on this link.

What to keep in mind

If you plan on using P2E games as your primary source of income, you will need to look into your income tax obligations, as well as the methods you can use to cash out your funds. In some cases, the information is not clear, in which case you might need to ask a local accountant.

Also note that, at this early stage, cryptocurrency games tend to trend and fade. This means that, at one particular month, a game may be very popular, which may increase the demand for its cryptocurrency, and thus its price. A month later, things might change, as people move to other games, which might in turn drop demand and value for your earned tokens. Your goal should be to acquire access to NFTs as early in the trend as possible and try to earn as much as possible before the game reaches its peak.

This advice has exceptions, as many games raise enormous amounts of money to further develop their games in order to support their audience in the future (Axie Infinity is one of them).

Wrapping up

If you made it this far, you should now know that it’s not about the single best way to earn crypto, but rather the combination of opportunities. Using all of the above options should offer you 4-figure rewards on a monthly basis. To sum up, we looked at the following options:

  • Community gig-based support – Leverage your skill set to earn
  • Community engagement rewards – Actively participate on Social channels to earn
  • Crypto learn and earn programs – Go through education material and solve quizzes
  • Brave Browser – Replace your browser and start earning rewards
  • Play to Earn games – Getting rewards for playing games is probably the best way to earn crypto in 2022, in terms of ROI.