With 2022 upon us, many might feel disappointed with the direction of the crypto markets. Some are now prepping for a bear market. Others are clinging to the Supercycle theory. For most, however, the hunting for profitable opportunities continues.

It comes to no surprise that many unknown cryptocurrencies are outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the traction of the later two is slowing due to their winning status, others are still fighting to get there. These are the coins we discuss today. Keep reading to learn all about the best cryptocurrencies for 2022; the powerful projects that are still under the radar. Let’s get started!

1. Ultra (UOS)

ultra uos 2022

Ultra (token ticker: UOS) is building a decentralized game-publishing platform that removes the need for middlemen and distribution monopolies. One could say that they are a more democratic version of Steam. The token is used to pay developers, as well as gamers, and is also the economic incentive for prompting users to give feedback and improve the platform. Many believe that UOS is one of the best altcoins for 2022, due to its strong team, ambitious roadmap, and lack of top-tier exchange listings.

Why is UOS one of the best cryptocurrencies for 2022?

  • The team recently hired a highly experienced head of marketing, Joshua Cabrera, to build and execute their marketing strategy.
  • Ultra recently opened 41 new job positions to strengthen their 70+ team.
  • The project is starting to invest in blockchain games, like Cross the Ages.
  • More influencers are picking up UOS, which increases awareness across the space. Alex Becker is the latest influencer to join the narrative.
  • UOS is not yet listed on top-tier exchanges, like Binance or Coinbase.

Where to purchase UOS – Check here

Ultra (UOS) official website https://ultra.io/

Ultra (UOS) whitepaper –  Read it here

2. Merit Circle (MC)

merit circle 2022

Are you familiar with index funds? The term refers to a collection of a certain type of stocks that you equally distribute your money in. The growth of your investment reflects on the average growth of the collection of stocks you invested in. Most boomers like to think that index funds are one of the safest ways to grow your portfolio, especially when it comes to promising new industries.

Merit Circle (token ticker: MC) is somewhat similar to this concept. In short, it is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in the most promising blockchain games – a sort of Metaverse index fund. The token is used for governance, staking, and early access to NFTs, and growth of the project is directly related to the growth of the games they invest in.

Why is MC one of the top cryptocurrencies for 2022?

  • Earlier projects with similarities (e.g. Yield Guild) have seen massive gains and investments from dozens of popular crypto funds. This is mainly due to the rapid growth in popularity for blockchain gaming.
  • The project was recently listed on the Binance Launchpool, distributing tokens among a massive userbase.
  • The project aims to launch an educational portal to help gamers maximize their earnings through blockchain-based gaming. They also plan to increase their number of scholarships, which leads to a long-term, sustainable growth of revenue.
  • MC has some impressive early backers that add to the project’s legitimacy. These include Defiance Capital, Mechanism Capital, Yield Guild, Dialectic, Citizen X, Digital Currency Group (DCG), and others.

Where to purchase MC – Check here

Merit Circle (MC) official website https://meritcircle.io/

Merit Circle (MC) whitepaper –  Read it here

3. Oasis Network (ROSE)

oasis network rose 2022

The Oasis network is privacy-enhanced, faster alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, with cheaper transaction fees, and lots of bullish momentum.

I know what you might be thinking – another wanna-be Ethereum killer? In this case, we beg to differ. 2022 is all about expansion into different blockchains, and developers will choose the chains which will offer the most support. In this case, Oasis Network is a leader in the space, thanks to their huge fund, which is aimed to develop their ecosystem. With a focus on Web3, NFTs and DeFi, we can expect to hear more about ROSE in the next few months.

Why is ROSE one of the best cryptocurrencies for 2022?

  • It is one of the very few successful L1 blockchains launched by a woman (Dawn Song), a detail which might lead to increased attention for the project across multiple industries.
  • The Oasis Network recently announced a $200 million ecosystem fund, led by notable VC firms, as well as Binance Labs. The fund will be used to increase adoption of the blockchain in 2022.
  • When looking at the growth trend of the project over the past quarter, we can speculate on a very optimistic ROSE price prediction for the year ahead, given that the ecosystem continues to grow.
  • Oasis Network aims to release a lending protocol, and already has an accelerator, as well as a DEX (YuzuSwap), which has over $100 million TVL in its first 24 hours.

Where to purchase ROSE – Check here

Oasis Network (ROSE) official website https://oasisprotocol.org/

Oasis Network (ROSE) whitepaper –  Read it here

4. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Will a meme coins become the best crypto for 2022? When looking at Shiba Inu we are cautiously optimistic. While most disregard dog coins as pumps-and-dump schemes or high-risk gambling , it is important to take a moment and look at the crypto space as a whole.

Shiba Inu saw massive gains in 2021 due to support from influential personalities, but also because it is a very relatable token, especially for those not very experienced in the crypto space. It is a cryptocurrency with a dog – so obvious yet so brilliant. The concept has managed to amass a larger audience than Ethereum (when looking at the number of Twitter followers) and the fan base is only now starting to think how they can add fundamental value for the project. We have written a detailed price prediction guide on Shiba Inu, so make sure you check it out.

Why is SHIB one of the best cryptocurrencies for 2022?

  • Shiba Inu is fundamentally stronger than Dogecoin, due to its utility-driven ecosystem (NFTs, defi platform, ShibaSwap, etc.)
  • Among other updates, developers of the project are currently working on an L2 protocol known as Shibarium to further increase the utilities of the project.
  • SHIB became the most popular cryptocurrency of 2021, surpassing even Bitcoin in search interest.
  • Several companies and individuals are now “burning” part of their SHIB token holdings to decrease the supply and hopefully increase the demand and value of the token. You can follow all token burns here.
  • CoinJar, one of the largest and oldest Australian exchanges, recently listed Shiba Inu. The fan base of SHIB is very optimistic about a Robinhood listing in the short-term future as well.

Where to purchase SHIB – Check here

Shiba Inu (SHIB) official website https://shibatoken.com/ 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) whitepaper –  Read it here

5. Ethereum (ETH)

You’ve heard us talk about Ethereum quite a bit over the past year. We discussed why it’s the fastest growing project in the space, as well as the price we expect to see it reach in the future. Our opinion has not changed. Ethereum is still one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022.

Apart from the massive growth of Ethereum-based NFTs, DeFi projects, and the Metaverse as a whole, Ethereum also has a record amount of new active users, which is easy to see when looking at the number of non-zero ETH wallets. The second-best crypto project is growing rapidly thanks to network effects, and many believe that it could soon replace Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.

Why is ETH one of the best cryptocurrencies 2022?

  • ETH is close to its PoS merge, also known as ETH 2.0. According to the Ethereum foundation, the merge should occur before July 2022. Once this happens, Ethereum will become deflationary.
  • The ETH/BTC pair is still under its all-time high, and many traders are waiting for a new top in the short-term future.
  • It is only now that the Metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi protocols are reaching mainstream adoption. All of these technological developments are empowered primarily by the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Institutional investors are cautiously exploring the potential of ETH investments with their balance sheet. Several companies have already done so, but we are still very early in the process.

Where to purchase ETH – Check here

Ethereum (ETH) official website https://ethereum.org/en/

Ethereum (ETH) whitepaper –  Read it here

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6. Fantom (FTM)

fantom ftm 2022

Fantom is an L1 blockchain that outperforms Ethereum in terms of speed and has much lower network fees. The coin is somewhat similar to Solana, which many know as the most popular L1 competitor to Ethereum.

Now here’s what’s interesting. Solana grew 11,000% over the past year; Fantom grew a whopping 14,000% in the same period of time, yet not many people have ever heard about the project. And this is why Fantom is part of this list.

Why is FTM one of the best investments for 2022?

  • Solana performed 1,48 billion transactions in 2021, and currently sits at a $46 billion marketcap. Fantom, on the other hand, performed 21 million transactions and sits at a 8 billion dollar marketcap. This indicates a large gap of adoption despite the similarity of their product. We expect this gap to decrease.
  • Fantom (FTM) is backed by some of the most influential and respectable industry leaders of the space, including Sam Bankman-Fried (Founder of FTX) and Andre Cronje (Founder of Yearn Finance).
  • Many expect 2022 to glorify smaller, more scalable ecosystems that will help with the current congestion issues on ETH. FTM is one of the most reputable projects in this area.

Where to purchase FTM – Check here

Fantom (FTM) official website https://fantom.foundation/ 

Fantom (FTM) whitepaper –  Read it here

7. Alethea AI (ALI)

This rather unknown project is building the evolution of NFTs by combining pfp images with artificial intelligence. The project has already amassed a large community and recently listed its first batch of “iNFTs” on OpenSea. Their first generation pods were sold out and even trended in OpenSea for a while.

In December of 2021, the project hosted an auction for its token (ALI token). The price of the token managed to remain relatively low, despite the bullish momentum, and their iNFTs are currently at a low price as well. This might be a great gem to keep your eyes on, especially if you plan to invest for the long term.

Why is ALI one of the best investments for 2022?

  • Revolutionary technology product that aims to solve existing bottlenecks in the NFT markets.
  • Strong support from the likes of Anthony Pompliano, Mark Cuban, Alameda Research, as well as other reputable crypto funds.
  • Strategic partnerships with Binance and Huobi, but no listing of the token as of yet.

Where to purchase ALI – Check here (currently not listed)

Alethea AI (ALI) official website – ​​https://alethea.ai/ 

Alethea AI (ALI) whitepaper –  Read it here

How to find the best cryptocurrencies for 2022

There are many different types of coins. At first look, they all seems like gambles. More experienced investors might be able to divide them into categories based on their fundamentals, early backing, and team dynamics. The best, however, follow a process perfectly outlined by crypto influencer Jordan Fish in his recent post “Tokens in the attention economy”. He outlines four different types of projects:

best cryptocurrencies for 2022

As mentioned above, “winners” are the top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, popular exchange tokens and strong L2 ecosystems. The ability to find “niche” projects early on, is what leads to the highest amount of profit. According to @Cobie:

“Good crypto game players are trying to find projects valued much lower than their potential valuations, and then selling those good projects when they approach those valuations. They sit in “Winners” while they look for better trades.”

Summing up

The best cryptocurrencies for 2022 are, of course, only known after the year is over. Our speculation is based on bias and experience, all based on trends, market needs, and historical price action. That said, it might be a good starting point to help you continue with your own research. In this article we had a look at the following coins:

  • Ultra (UOS)
  • Merit Circle (MC)
  • Oasis Network (ROSE)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Fantom (FTM)
  • Alethea AI (ALI)

Make sure you take the information in this post as educational material, and not investment advice, and invest only when you can afford to lose.