By now, most people know that crypto markets are fast-paced and extremely volatile. A single piece of information can sway prices considerably, triggering huge gains or massive losses.

To be consistent in this ecosystem, you must be able to find pertinent and up-to-date information at all times. Creating an investing methodology based on market sentiment will take you one step further towards success.

For this reason, we decided to collect the best crypto news sites in a single post. This article will provide a comprehensive list of the top cryptocurrency news resources, underlining their top features. It should be a great reference point for any crypto investor looking for reliable and accurate crypto information.

Best crypto news sites

Genuine crypto-enthusiasts think of this market as continuous education. Cryptocurrencies come and go, technologies are constantly updated and regulation laws change every day.

The following websites will be an invaluable resource when researching cryptocurrencies or when you need some insight on the market as a whole.

1. CoinDesk


CoinDesk is one of the top bitcoin investment sites on the internet. Founded in 2013, it aims to provide accurate and unbiased information about the cryptocurrency industry to aspiring investors.

To achieve this, CoinDesk’s writers are subject to some of the highest standards and ethics in the industry. For instance, when a CoinDesk employee invests more than $1000 in a crypto asset or company, they are obligated to notify management. This way, favoritism is avoided and the public trust is preserved at all times.

Furthermore, CoinDesk’s international editorial staff ensures first-hand reporting on vital regulation updates.

With that said, the best feature of this website is undoubtedly the efficient categorization of its topics. Each article is labeled under a broader subject, and users can quickly access all the latest related news pieces with a single click.

Finally, the website provides an extensive knowledge base, providing dozens of 101 guides on the basics of blockchain technology, assets, and important industry participants.

2. CoinTelegraph


CoinTelegraph is another staple in the blockchain news reporting industry. Anyone remotely interested in crypto will recognize their distinguished style of hand-drawn featured images which accompany their news pieces.

Founded in 2013, the website has continuously provided its millions of visitors with in-depth analysis of the market, supported by unbiased reporting and pertinent data. Similar to CoinDesk’s categories, news articles are hashtagged and the reader can effortlessly access connected topics.

Cointelegraph also comes in a Magazine form, where columnists regularly publish think pieces about important developments in the crypto industry. These articles allow for additional insight into emerging fintech trends such as NFTs or the mass adoption of crypto.

Worth mentioning is the Cointelegraph Top 100 list. For two consecutive years, the website has published a list of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency industry, with a short biography and their particular achievements. A precious resource for anyone getting started with cryptocurrencies.

Finally, the presence of an extensive crypto encyclopedia and industry guide make Cointelegraph one of the best crypto news sites today.

3. Decrypt


Decrypt was founded in 2018 and has quickly become the favorite stop for crypto enthusiasts that wish to learn more about the industry. Each article you find on Decrypt has two goals: to inform and educate.

The main mission of this website is to simplify blockchain technology and explain it to beginners in layman’s terms. To achieve this, it provides accurate data but also focuses on storytelling that helps convey complicated notions in a simple manner.

Decrypt also proposes featured content, with various columns delving deeper into the Web3 revolution.

Finally, the website offers a comprehensive knowledge base to those who wish to learn more about some emerging and promising blockchain projects.

4. Cryptopotato


Cryptopotato was founded by early crypto adopters in 2016, right before the major crypto boom of the following year. Throughout the years it has climbed the ranks of the crypto news industry and is today considered to be one of the best crypto news sites available.

To achieve this status, the eclectic editorial staff has relied on accurate and timely data. They have managed to continuously provide high-quality and original content aimed at informing investors about the latest happenings in the ecosystem.

The website also provides daily price analysis for BTC, ETH, and XRP, helping traders get additional insight about setting up buy and sell orders for these coins.

5. Blockonomi


Blockonomi was launched in 2017 and has since aimed at providing completely transparent reporting on the crypto industry.

In addition to the coverage of the latest and greatest news, Blockonomi offers top-class educational materials to anyone new to blockchain and Bitcoin.

However, what separates this website from the rest are the extensive fintech platform reviews. Organized in different categories, users can consult in-depth evaluations of different crypto brokers, exchanges, and gambling platforms.

6. BeinCrypto


BeInCrypto is a global blockchain and fintech news organization that was founded in 2018. They are part of the Trust Project, an independent collaboration of top 120 news outlets, created to fight false news.

As such, they supply impartial updates about the industry and offer imaginative opinion pieces to help readers understand crypto’s impact on today’s society.

We should also mention their Youtube channel, which presents their top news stories in a comprehensive and beginner-friendly manner.

7. Bitcoin Magazine


Co-founded by Mihail Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest and best crypto news sites out there. Its printed version was the first publication to be entirely focused exclusively on Bitcoin.

The first issue of Bitcoin magazine was published way back in 2012 and was followed by another 21 printed issues until July 2014.

Ever since that time, Bitcoin Magazine has become a solely digital publication that offers accurate and pertinent information about all cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they cover important events such as blockchain meetings and industry fairs.

8. NewsBTC


NewsBTC is a renowned website in the cryptocurrency news industry. Aside from offering the latest and dispassionate news pieces on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this website delivers insightful technical analysis on the top coins of the moment.

Furthermore, readers interested in trading can find educational materials that should help them get started through a well-structured crypto trading course. This alone makes it worthy of our list of best bitcoin news sites.

9. CryptoBriefing


CryptoBriefing was founded during the ICO craze of 2017, to provide accurate information about upcoming blockchain projects. At the time, it allowed investors to access pertinent information, helping them pinpoint the best opportunities and avoid scammers.

Today, in addition to providing insider information and the latest news updates, the CryptoBriefing team focuses on SIMETRI.  This project offers a wide array of tools to investors that help them ensure profits no matter which way the market is moving.

And finally, the website proposes tons of educational tools and in-depth coin analysis that should help you get a firm grip on the industry.

10. Bitcoinist


Bitcoinist was founded in 2013 and is considered a pioneer in the crypto news industry. The team is committed to journalistic transparency, which allows for objective coverage of everything that happens in the markets.

Bitcoinist emphasizes technical analysis and supports almost every written piece with hard data. Their insights on market movements and their accurate price predictions have made it one of the best crypto news sites available.

11. CryptoSlate


CryptoSlate is another renowned name in the crypto news industry. Founded in 2017, the website has become a trusted brand thanks to the accuracy of the news and analysis it provides.

One of the most interesting features of Cryptoslate is the extensive directories of companies and most importantly, people in the blockchain ecosystem. Researching the team behind a crypto project is paramount before investing, so this resource should come in quite handy.

And finally, the website classifies coins in a very convenient manner. Visitors can research different cryptocurrencies by sector (e.g advertising, charity, etc.) or category (NFT, Defi, DEX, etc.). These two features allow us to consider CryptoSlate as one of the best crypto news sites.

12. AMBCrypto


AMBCrypto was founded in 2018 with the goal to simplify the information around blockchain technology and provide the most accurate and objective news on the market.

What started as a technical analysis website that focused on price predictions has evolved into what some consider to be the best bitcoin news site. To that end, AMBCrypto publishes challenging think-pieces critical to understanding how the industry might evolve in the future.

13. Forbes


Forbes is a famous business magazine and website that focuses on investing, technology, and entrepreneurship, among others. Consequently, it often delivers pertinent information about the blockchain industry and the most popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As Forbes doesn’t entirely focus on cryptocurrencies, it’s an interesting website to consider when browsing crypto news. It can give a more layman view on recent developments and a broader view of the market, in contrast to the other websites on our list.

To this end, the magazine proposes a dedicated section of its website, appropriately named Forbes Crypto & Blockchain.

14. Important Subreddits

The crypto community is always a great source of important developments in the ecosystem as well as insider information. The following subreddits can sometimes trump some of the best cryptocurrency news sites in terms of relevance and speed.

  • r/Bitcoin – a subreddit dedicated to the original cryptocurrency.
  • r/Ethereum – focusing on Ethereum, this subreddit is an excellent source of information about updates that impact smart contract blockchains.
  • r/Cryptocurrency – a mix of memes and very good info, this sub is the place to visit when looking for some community insight about recent projects.

15. Important Twitter Accounts

In addition to each one of the websites’ official Twitter channels, here are a few additional accounts every crypto enthusiast should follow.

  • Messari – which provides continuous updates on cryptocurrencies and regularly publishes extremely pertinent analysis on blockchain technology. It’s one of the best places to look for insights on data such as transaction volumes, mining difficulty, long and short correlation, and many others.
  • Bitcoin Archive – which posts important updates in the industry and emphasizes Bitcoin as a solution to the future of finances.
  • Documenting Bitcoin – which publishes witty and relevant statistics about Bitcoin, showing the importance of the original crypto in the market today.

Bonus – The best cryptocurrency news sites aggregator

To finish up our list of the best crypto news sites, we would like to share an extremely useful crypto news tool with you.


CryptoPanic is arguably the best crypto news site aggregator available today. Here, you can find every piece of information published on the websites listed previously, including Reddit and Twitter.

The website uses a rating system where users can freely vote on the news piece and express their opinion. This adds a visual key to the titles, making important titles easily distinguishable.

Furthermore, CryptoPanic allows users to comment on each headline, offering some social interaction and an additional way to measure market sentiment.

To top things off, you can use CryptoPanic to track your crypto portfolio. For this, you can either add your holdings manually or set up an API to upload your balance in real-time from your favorite exchange.


In the blockchain industry, information is power. Accessing accurate and unbiased data is the first step to making informed decisions when investing or trading cryptocurrencies.

In our article, we singled out some of the best crypto news sites on the internet that feed you facts and help you educate yourself about the crypto sphere.

To summarize, our choices were: 

  • Coindesk 
  • Cointelegraph
  • Decrypt
  • CryptoPotato
  • Blockonomi
  • BeInCrypto
  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • News BTC
  • CryptoBriefing
  • Bitcoinist
  • CryptoSlate
  • AMB Crypto
  • Forbes
  • Important subreddits such as: 
    • r/Bitcoin
    • r/Ethereum
    • r/Cryptocurrency
  • Relevant Twitter accounts:
    • Messari
    • Bitcoin Archive
    • Documenting Bitcoin

Worth noting is that all of these websites publish original content and each one has a different feature that makes it stand out from the others. Having all of these bookmarked in your browser will be your starting point towards successful crypto research.