Play to earn is one of the many buzzwords we keep hearing during the current bullish crypto cycle. That’s because earning passive income through NFT-based games has been a major catalyst to the market’s bullish sentiment.

More precisely, the success of the best crypto games like Axie Infinity has shone a light on the potential of their economic model. Almost everyone in the crypto community came across the story about Phillipino gamers managing to make ends meet thanks to this game.

That said, GameFi (Gaming & Decentralized Finance) environment can be quite challenging to navigate if you are just starting out. There are hundreds of games out there, but only a handful can be considered top crypto games for earning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, we created an article that will explain the requirements for participating in GameFi, as well as the pros of this decentralized gaming economy. More importantly, we compiled a list of the best crypto games with genuine profit opportunities.

This way, you can avoid wasting your time testing out dozens of games only to discover it’s impossible to make any profits, or that they are boring to play. But before we start, let’s have an overview of GameFi and what blockchain ownership in gaming means for gamers in general.

History of ownership in gaming (or lack thereof)

Let’s start by giving some context. Online gaming has been changing the way we communicate and entertain ourselves for the past couple of decades. Large multiplayer games like EVE Online or World Of Warcraft have created entire in-game economies where players could participate and earn real-world money.

As such, play-to-earn (P2E) is not a novel concept. Gold farming in World of Warcraft was already a popular activity in the early 2000s. Players spent their time collecting gold to sell it online and make some profits.

However, these economic environments were severely limited to in-game exchanges, entirely depending on the game’s server availability. Once the game shuts down, players become unable to access their in-game assets, losing all of their created value.

Moreover, publishers disapproved of these P2E practices, as they went against their TOS. They massively banned gamers for farming, causing them to lose all of their hard-earned in-game currency. Many sellers had to resort to shady websites, exposing themselves and the buyers to risks of hacks or data breaches.

What is GameFi?

Thankfully, blockchain is slowly changing all of that. A new, decentralized, economic model for gaming called GameFi has emerged. More precisely, we can now record gaming items and characters as NFTs, providing us with full ownership of these valuable assets.

Users can store NFTs in their favorite blockchain wallets and access them securely without even having to launch the game. This means that developers have created the top blockchain games with a model that revolves around rewarding the players directly with real-world value.

However, this is just scratching the surface of the GameFi ecosystem. By playing the top cryptocurrency games, players can benefit in various ways, including:

  • Players can never lose track of their assets, even if the game encounters connectivity problems.
  • NFTs are durable, and cannot be destroyed or confiscated by a third party. 
  • All transactions are conducted using blockchain technology, making them transparent and secure.
  • In most cases, cryptocurrencies from the best crypto games can be used as DeFi financial instruments. Consequently, users can gain passive income by providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges or staking them in-game to secure the network.
  • Players can participate in the governance of the game’s blockchain and decide upon its future developments through voting and staking.

All in all, GameFi is the epitome of play-to-earn, encouraging users to monetize the time they spend in the game.

What you will need to participate in GameFi

Before you can participate in these P2E games, there is a shortlist of prerequisites you will need to fulfill:

  • Open a compatible cryptocurrency wallet – most of the best cryptocurrency games run on the Ethereum blockchain, but not all of them do. Consequently, you should install the Metamask wallet as the most versatile solution available. It can be configured to work with different blockchains such as the Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.
  • Purchase starter items – some of the best blockchain games are entirely free-to-play. However, in most cases, you will need to invest in some starter items to start making profits. These will either give you the right to play the game or provide a significant boost when starting out.
  • Purchase Ethereum and native cryptocurrencies – first, you will probably need to preload your Metamask wallet with some ETH for gas fees. Additionally, acquiring some native cryptos of the game will allow you to participate in quests or purchase in-game NFTs necessary for progress.
  • Create an account on an NFT marketplace – most games have their native marketplaces where you can exchange NFTs. However, creating an account on an open NFT marketplace such as OpenSea will allow you to reach more investors when trying to sell your assets and access a metaverse economy on a global scale.

Worth noting is that all of these blockchain games are free to download, but rarely free to play. Most of the content is usually set behind a paywall you will need to bypass to actively start earning. So before you install one of the best crypto games on our list, make sure you are ready to pay that cost of entry.

Best crypto games in 2021

Below are some of the best crypto games on the market right now. We chose these for their opportunity to make profits, their fun factor, but also their liquidity and relative ease to sell the NFTs earned in the game.

Axie Infinity

Tactical battles
Cost of Entry 
3xAxies ($600)
Tokens + NFTs
Earning rating
Fun rating

We are starting our list with one of the best crypto games on the market, Axie Infinity. In this game, players collect Axies, cute digital creatures that are registered as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Axis, SLP, and AXS tokens

Players use these Axies to complete various daily quests and participate in PvP battles that reward the players with the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency. These SLP tokens have two main use cases:

  • To be used to breed more Axies.
  • To be sold on different cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

If you choose to breed additional Axies, you can sell them as NFTs or use them in the game to make your Axie team stronger. Stronger teams can tackle more complicated challenges that bring in even more rewards or compete for top PvP rankings.

This is important, as the game rewards the top 50 PvP players with AXS tokens at the end of each season (+-1.5 months). The #1 reward amounts to 500 AXS which equates to more than $30.000 at the time of writing! Players can use AXS to govern the blockchain and participate in decisions of the future development of the game.

Cost of Entry

So, it’s no wonder that the prices of Axies have skyrocketed in the past few months. A single basic creature costs around $200 nowadays. This brings us to the major drawback of Axie Infinity – its cost of entry. You will need at least 3 different Axies to start playing, requiring a steep $600 initial investment.

That said, there is a free-to-play alternative called Axie Scholarships. These programs are designed for players that wish to play the game but do not have the monetary resources to do so. Managers or breeders can lend a free Axie team to a scholar, who then plays the game for free and gets a cut of the SLP and AXS profits.

Note that good players manage to earn around $20 (200-300 SLP) a day. This should allow investors to get back their initial investment in a couple of months and start making profits pretty quickly.

And if you are asking yourself can you play Axie infinity on Mobile – the answer is yes! It’s one of the are blockchain games where you can accomplish daily tasks on the go. 
Youtuber Elijah CTG has a ton of great resources on how to earn money in Axie Infinity and become a better Axie player. Check the video below for some tips on buying your first Axies on a budget.

Axie Infinity FAQ

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Axie Infinity:

How to play (e.g. Axie Infinity)

To play Axie Infinity, you will need to install the game on either PC, Mac. Android or iOS. Simply click on the “Play Now” button on the top-right corner of the official website, download the game and follow the instructions to get started.

You will also need to form a team of 3 different Axies that can be purchased on the official marketplace.

How to earn money in Axie Infinity

To earn money in Axie Infinity, you need to complete daily tasks which include a number of PvE adventures and PvP battles. Each one will grant you some SLP tokens as a reward.

You can also participate in PvP tournaments that reward up to 500 AXS every 2 months on average.

Can you play Axie Infinity on mobile?

Yes, Axie is one of the best crypto games to play on mobile. You can keep track of your progress by installing the game on an Android or iOS device.

How to install Axie Infinity on iPhone

Axie Infinity is still in beta on iPhone. For best results, follow this guide to install the game on your iOS device.

How to install Axie Infinity on Android

To play Axie Infinity with your Android device you ned to:

  • Download the Android version from the official website on your phone. 
  • Once the file is downloaded, install the application on your device. 

For more details on the procedure check out this video.

Gods Unchained

Turn-based card game
Yet to be released
Cost of Entry 
Earning rating
Fun rating

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game similar to the popular Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering. It uses the power of the Ethereum blockchain to record each non-common card as an NFT. Players can build their card decks to engage in 1v1 battles against the AI or other players and gather rewards to purchase even more cards.

Building decks

What makes Gods Unchained one of the best crypto games 2021 is that it provides sufficient tools to play the game without having to spend any money. The game regularly provides you with different cards regardless if you win or lose your battles.

Duplicate cards can be fused together to make more powerful cards to either enhance your deck or craft a rare card that can be sold for a hefty profit. Fusing is done with “flux”, an in-game currency that is earned through playing.

Users that wish to invest some money and increase their chances for rare cards, can either purchase packs from the game website or buy individual cards on the ImmutableX marketplace.

While this game is extremely engaging and fun to play, there’s one major drawback – the Ethereum gas fees. Because gas fees tend to be so expensive lately, the cost of fusing cards or purchasing packs might not always be worth your while. ImmutableX is working on a workaround and is launching its IMX token to address this issue.

Check the video below to learn how to play Gods Unchained and start earning by selling your rare cards.

Gods Unchained FAQ

For those that still have some questions about how this works, check out the FAQ below:

How to play Gods Unchained

If you want to play Gods Unchained, you need to first install the game on your computer. You can do this by clicking on the “Play Now” button situated in the top-right corner of the official website.

Once installed, the game will provide you with a free deck to start playing against the PC or other player.

How to earn money in Gods Unchained

To earn money in Gods Unchained you can collect cards by winning online and offline matches and listing them on the ImmutableX exchange. You can access even more powerful and valuable cards by fusing duplicates together. You can also buy packs from the online store and try to flip them on the marketplace for a better price.

Can you play Gods Unchained on mobile?

Unfortunately, the game is not yet available for mobile devices.

How to install Gods Unchained on iPhone

We will update you with the details once the game becomes available on iPhone.

How to install Gods Unchained on Android

Once the game is released on Android, we will update this section with the installation details.

Revv Racing

Cost of Entry 
$30 Racing Car
$30 Racing Car
Earning rating
Fun rating

Revv Racing is a 3D racing game where players can participate in weekly time trial races. The ultimate goal is to make the top rankings and earn rewards in REVV tokens. While it’s browser-based, the game plays similar to any arcade or console racing simulation, where the players have full control of their vehicle.

Weekly racing tournaments

Every week, a new racing cup is organized where $150.000 in REVV tokens are distributed to the top players. To participate in these races, players need to purchase a car that is recorded as an NFT on the Polygon mainnet. They can be bought for a median price of $30 on OpenSea.

Every player has 20 free attempts to reach the highest they can on the leaderboard. After that, every new try costs 5 REVV tokens. Consequently, it can be handy to preload your Metamask wallet with some REVV to squeeze in some additional attempts and increase your chances for rewards.

Tournament rewards in September 2021

As an example, the table above shows the huge opportunity this game presents. Even the lowest tier prizes allow you to double your initial NFT investment! More importantly, this game is purely skill-based. So, the better you become, the better your chances of accessing the higher reward tiers.

The video below will guide you through the entire process from acquiring your first car to joining a racing tournament.

Revv Racing FAQ

Ready to race but still have some questions? Check out the FAQ for more details.

How to play Revv Racing

To get started in Revv racing, you will first need to purchase a car on the OpenSea Marketplace. Once that is done, you can sign up to participate in the sprint tournaments by connecting your Metamask wallet.

How to earn money in Revv Racing

Earning money in Revv Racing is quite simple. You just need to place among the 1000 first participants to earn some REVV tokens.

Can you play Revv Racing on mobile?

Revv Racing is browser-based and mobile users have had various experiences with performance. For best results, it’s still recommended to play Revv Racing from your desktop browser.

How to install Revv Racing on iPhone

Because it’ runs in your browser, you don’t need to install the game on your iOS device.

How to install Revv Racing on Android

You won’t have to install Revv Racing on Android, as it can run on your preferred smartphone web browser.

Lost Relics

Ethereum, Enjin
Cost of Entry 
Earning rating
Fun rating

Lost Relics is a dungeon-crawler game where the player needs to explore various areas for a chance to win rare Enjin-backed loot. What makes it one of the best crypto games is that it’s entirely free to play. Some items can be bought to speed up the earning process, but the game is fully playable for free from the get-go.

And even though it’s developed by a single person, Lost Relics is one of the most accomplished play2earn games in both graphics and gameplay departments.

Blockchain-based items

In the game, players need to complete different areas filled with monsters to be able to escape with their loot. Every monster or chest has a chance of dropping unique items that are registered as NFTs on the Enjin blockchain.

Consequently, some of them can be destroyed and converted directly into ENJ tokens. The rarer ones are indestructible and must be sold on NFT marketplaces such as EnjinX or OpenSea to be able to make a profit.

Loot on JumpNet

The developer has implemented a workaround to the high gas fees on the Ethereum network by using the Enjin JumpNet bridge. Consequently, players don’t need to pay any gas fees while they use the in-game marketplace making it much more viable to buy and sell items.

The only caveat with Lost Relics is that loot drops entirely randomly. There’s no certainty that each run will provide valuable loot, which might discourage some players. That said, a well-equipped character can easily earn $15 an hour as seen in the video below.

Lost Relics FAQ

For the adventurers that still have some questions on how to earn money in Lost Relics, check out the FAQ below:

How to play Lost Relics

Lost Relics is available for both PC and Mac, and you will need to:

  1. Create an account  on the website
  2. Download and install the game on your desktop.

Then, create a character and begin your adventure!

How to earn money in Lost Relics

While playing the game you will encounter loot labeled as “blockchain items”. These can vary from small consumables worth a few cents to epic weapons valued at $10k+.

You can either melt these to get half of their value in ENJ tokens or sell them on OpenSea for their market-perceived value.

Can you play Lost Relics on mobile?

At the moment, Lost Relics is only available for desktop devices. However, Android and iOS might be added in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

How to install Lost Relics on iPhone

We will update this section as soon as Lost Relics becomes available on iPhone.

How to install Lost Relics on Android

If the game gets released on Android, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to install it.

Wrapping up

In this article, we provided the pros of the GameFi ecosystem together with some basic knowledge on how to participate in it. We also selected the following as the best crypto games for you to try and start earning crypto and NFTs: 

  • Axie Infinity – a steep cost of entry, but fun to play and incredible profit opportunities. 
  • Gods Unchained – a great card trading game that can be played for free. 
  • Revv Racing – a 3D arcade racer where you can participate in tournaments and win up to $12.000 in prizes. 
  • Lost Relics – an action RPG where the items you loot are valuable NFTs recorded on the Enjin blockchain. 

All in all, the best crypto games have revolutionized the gaming economy. They do this by providing players with a decentralized, safe, and reliable means to monetize their favorite pass time. Just keep in mind that these games require a considerable time investment to provide you with a reliable stream of income.